Adjustable Anti-Bacterial Face Mask

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Adjustable Anti-Bacterial Face Mask

Anti Bacterial Smart Fabric has the Silver Lithium with Intelligent Controlled Tillering group. It can be up to the National "FZ /T 73023 Antibacterial Knitwear", it is AAA level standard.  Mas Filter material uses the Nano Silver ion Antibacterial Technology to resist bacterial formation. 

It is Heat-Resistant, Wash-Resistant, Light-Resistant, keep the Bacteriostatic rate above 99% after washing more than 50 times. Safe and Reliable. Also can be Remove Odour and have Lasting Freshness. High Temperature Resistance to 130 ℃, the fabric has its own sterilization function, which can be sterilized at high temperature after use.
This is the world's leading intelligent antibacterial technology .

Our Amart Antibacterial Fabric had entered the International Environmental Textile Association, Registered in the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) , passed the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) Safety Certification.

      Material : Cotton

      Colour : Black

      Item No. : FM001