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Corporate Gifting in today’s business world is becoming a key factor to managing a successful commerce. As competition between enterprises grow exponentially, it is critical to not only be at the top of the game, but also capture the hearts of the clients by letting them know that they are valued. Thus, gifting is a strategy that has been used to effectively forge new bonds with new clients and strengthening the old ones as well.

Fairprice Gifts is based in Singapore and recognised as one of the most preferred supplier that not only provides premium customised gifts but is also transparent with pricing. No more needs to send in messages requesting for quotations of multiple products that you may have interest in because we are delivering the exact prices to you, “instant quotation” you may call it. At FairPrice Gifts, we understand the uncertainty of viewing products with an unknown price; therefore to eliminate this uncertainty, we present the exact pricing with its’ different quantities to you. No hidden costs and no fluctuating prices.

Our prices are competitive in the market with no compromise in quality. Our product range is unlimited and expanding by the day. Therefore, no worries if you do not see the product you are looking for listed in our catalogue, we promise to source the product that you want and customise it to fit your corporate gifting needs. We introduce fresh and innovative items that are both attractive and practical for individuals from all age groups and all walks of life.

Consumers nowadays are conscious of being environmental-friendly and are glad to receive sustainable products. Wheat fibre is becoming a top-choice as an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials in the recycling industry for manufacturers. What was once a disposable product, now is being transformed into reusable and environmentally friendly products such as Straw, Cups, Mugs, Lunchboxes & even kitchen utensils such as plates, bowls, spoon, fork etc, all of which are necessities for every household! 
As our planet battle the drastic climate changes and also depleting of natural resources, it is important for businesses to reflect how they can, in any way, help to contribute positively to this global social crisis. Sustainable Corporate Gifting is definitely a little green step that all big or small organisations can take on to play on their part in their social and environmental responsibilities.
At FairPrice Gifts, we offer an extensive range of corporate gifts fitting for an array of events, roadshows, door gifts, campaigns and business branding. Our collection span from bags, stylish drinkware, car accessories, household products, IT-savvy electronics & gadgets to travel accessories. We have also introduced Felt into our collection of gifts with its functional, resilient yet fashionable appearance that makes it an excellent and long lasting gift. We offer useful and in-demand gadgets such a 3-in-1 multi charging cables, earphones, mouse, wireless chargers and power banks. We are also providers of indispensable office stationeries such as notebooks, pens, sticky pads, folders and company branded apparels such as t-shirts, polo tees and jackets.
Our vision is to assist you in establishing long lasting impressions and branding of your company with unique tailor-made quality premium merchandises, while promising you with the most honest and lowest rates. We are a team comprising of young and devoted staff who put our utmost into giving you the finest services from sourcing to customisation and delivery of goods. A one-stop Wholesale Customised Corporate Gifts Sourcing and Supplier. Our team of experienced gift consultants are able to filter out from the hundreds of gifts available to find the one that is most suitable for your needs.
If you have any questions, or if you are looking for something which cannot be found here, why not contact us to source it out for you? On the other hand, you may also drop us an enquiry email with your details and we will get back to you on the double.