IT & Electronics

Every device, every appliance we have in our homes, offices and even publicly, are pack full of IT and Electronics. From regular office devices like multi-usb cables to wireless presenters, to home luxury items like humidifiers and Bluetooth speakers. We use them on a daily basis, and what better gift to give your clients and employees than these electronic devices! 
Any company that uses a computer will definitely need it; a mouse! A small compact, sensitive, fast-moving with superior comfort grip, that’s what we have to offer! From quality low-costing wireless mouse to premium superior comfort Logitech mouse. And all comes with your own customised and unique logo to brand. 
A Must-Have in today’s digital-heavy lifestyle. A powerful compact and portable battery pack for superior convenience to charge up our devices. Compatible with almost all devices that can be powered up with a USB cable. Ranging from small powerbanks of 2,500mAh to heavy-duty 10,000mAh powerbanks. Comes with a large selection of shapes, designs and power capacity, there will be one that fits the bill! Check out our IT & Electronic catalogue now to get your ideal corporate gift today!