Face Mask

Uses of a face mask does not limit to just viral infections; just like the current COVID-19 situation. With a great example from our fellow Asia friends in Japan, Korea, China etc. It is common to wear a mask, whether it is to prevent pollen allergens, prevent a spread of a common flu, or even as a fashion statement. Face masks are widely used and even comes in a variety or designs and colours. 
While we provide a range of face masks from disposable face masks to reusable cotton masks, we mainly focus on its’ safety expect where it can prevent particles from going through. In addition to our latest PM2.5 filter for our reusable masks to add on double protection to filter out even smaller particles, giving you a peace of mind when heading out. Alongside with additional accessories such as face mask clipper to adjust the tightness and hold mask securely onto face. Also, face mask folders and holders to keep masks clean and hygienic when bringing out.  
Found a product you wish to customise but not available in our listings? No problem! Contact us and we will source it out for you!